Friday, March 30, 2012

180 Documentary

Ok, sorry about posting two videos right in a row but this is a really great documentary.
It's only 33 minutes long. So take a little while and watch it. It's a message that our culture really needs to hear. No matter how uncomfortable or shocking it might be, it's very true.

Oh, but do be warned, there are are some quite graphic images of the Holocaust and of abortion. I wouldn't advise letting younger children see it.


  1. I saw this. It was really good. Heart-wrenching at times, but it needs to be seen.

    1. So true.
      Hard to watch. But sometimes the things that are the hardest to see or hear are the things that really have to be seen and heard.

  2. This is very hard to watch, and yet everyone should watch it. May we take heed of our ignorance and live in differently with this knowledge.


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