Sunday, June 10, 2012

Happy Birthday Isabelle!!

     Wow....I haven't posted anything in quite a while. Sorry about that. I have been insanely busy, though, so I suppose that's a pretty good excuse. Just started violin lessons, had a very big church get together which we hosted at our house, trying to get my math and science done, rehearsals for the play I'm in, exams, of course, (ughhhh. . . :-P) And then right after exams, we packed up for a week at the beach. We went to Cape San Blas, Florida. It's a gorgeous white beach with clear, blue water, along the gulf. Not many people know about it, because it hasn't really been developed much, so you pretty much get the beach to yourself. It was sad to leave, but I'm also glad to be back home with my friends and my cousins.
       But anyhow, while we were at the beach, my baby sister had her second birthday. On the 7th. She's growing up so fast........:(
 I really don't know what we did for fun, before Isabelle came along :D She entertains all of us,  all the time :P

She's the cutest little sister EVER :D

Daddy's Girl

Enjoying her birthday cake. . . VERY much :)

This is what she does when you tell her to make a "silly face" :D

Happy Birthday to my precious little sister!! I love you,  Isabelle :D

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