Friday, July 27, 2012

Hidden Talent

This is a true story of an incredible answer to prayer. 

Little Leslie was abandoned by his parents at Milwaukee Hospital because he had cerebral palsy. Because of the disease, his eyes had to be removed. He was hopeless, helpless, and totally unwanted.

But Joe and May Lemke decided to take Leslie into their family anyway. May thought of it as a job to do for Jesus. So she gave Leslie love and care. When they first brought him home, he couldn't move, eat, or even suck on a bottle. May taught him how to do all those basic things. And she prayed for him every single day. Some of their friends thought they were a bit strange to even get involved in such a hopeless case, but to the Lemkes, Leslie wasn't a case----he was a little child who needed love and prayer.

He couldn't stand or move at all on his own, but May spent three years patiently showing him how he could get on his feet and even walk a bit by holding on to a fence. He was twelve before he could stand. And he was fifteen before he took his first step. He showed no emotions, made no sounds, and never moved.

When Leslie turned twelve years old, a change came. May began praying something different for Leslie. She prayed that the Lord would help her find a talent in Leslie. Something he could do. Something special. Leslie just laid there doing nothing most of the time, but May was certain that God had given him some kind of talent. And she was determined to discover what it was.

Convinced that the Lord would answer their prayers, May and Joe put a piano in Leslie's room. They played a wide variety of music for him on the radio. The piano sat in the corner, collecting dust, year after year. Leslie never even seemed to notice it. And they couldn't tell whether he was paying attention the music on the radio or not. But the Lemkes continued to pray.

One night when Leslie was sixteen, May prayed with him, as usual, before she put him to bed. She felt more intensity, more earnestness as she prayed than ever before. At 3 AM, she and Joe were awakened by strains of Tchaikovsky's Piano Concerto no. 1. The music was coming from Leslie's room.

Had the radio somehow been turned on? Was that the TV? They hurried to their son's room to investigate. They didn't find the television or radio on. Instead, they found a miracle: Leslie, who had never spoken; who had never gotten out of bed by himself, had dragged himself to the piano. And he was playing, and singing.

May was laughing and crying at the same time. "Oh thank you, dear Father, thank you. No one, no one can ever tell me that there is no God and Jesus in this world."

In the years following, Leslie continued to demonstrate his extraordinary talent. He only had to hear a song once and it was recorded in his mind. Whether the words were in English, French, Italian, or anything else, he could sing it. Everyone was baffled. Especially the experts. Maybe the part of Leslie's brain that controls the musical ability was stimulated in some way, they guessed. It was beyond the ability of science to explain it.

May and Joe believed so much in God, that they just knew they were going to get something. The fact that He answered their prayers merely reinforced their faith, by showing them first-hand what exactly God can do. But the miracle that God performed was something far beyond anything they could have asked for, or thought of. Or even imagined.

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  1. That is AMAZING! and so precious. Those parents poured their lives out for him, and had such faith that God would do something wonderful. That's the kind of faith you want to have. wow.


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