Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Simple Service

No matter how ordinary or unimportant any task may seem, so long as you’re doing it with all your might, to the glory of God, the best that you can --- it matters. 

A mayor’s, or a diplomat’s, or a soldier’s vocation is no more important or lasting than a plumber’s, if both are doing what they are called to do, vigorously. 

We each have our part and place in the order of things, and every spot is just as important as the rest, when we all embrace our parts with joy. God likes variety, as we can see in His beautifully diverse creation. No two of the millions and billions of snowflakes are just alike. And neither are any two people. As C.S. Lewis once said, “Heaven will display far more variety than Hell...” We are one body, but we each have our individual functions and somehow they all end up flowing together just beautifully. 

This idea about all of our distinctive tasks was taught by Martin Luther, and it’s called the doctrine of vocation. . . God could heal our illnesses by miracles as Jesus did in the Bible --- sight instantly returned to the blind, speech to the mute, and so on --- but instead He normally brings us our healing by the means of doctors and nurses. He could make each human being out of life-breathed dust, like He did with the first two humans. But, instead, He creates new humans by the means of husbands and wives, who are fulfilling their vocation of family. We ask Him to "give us this day our daily bread" and instead of causing the food to miraculously appear on our tables, He gives us dinner by the means of the many farmers, bakers, factory workers, and store clerks who each had parts in transforming the wheat into bread for us to buy. 

It's often through other ordinary people that God reveals Himself most clearly to us. We only see our family, or neighbors, or the man behind the counter at the grocery store, but behind their simple services, God is there. 

God doesn't need our kindness, our vocations, our simple good works, but our fellow men and women most definitely do. 


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