Monday, March 11, 2013


Do you believe in miracles?

I mean, really believe.

Not just as things God did for a people in another land, during another age.

Not like fairytales that we wish were true.

Well, unfortunately, even if you do believe in miracles, then you are among a very small minority. We look back at the stories in the Bible of a blind man seeing for the first time in his life, of a dead child waking up, of a crippled man dancing for joy; and maybe we believe that those things really did happen, but, at the same time, we sort of half-conciously know, in the backs of our minds, that miracles just don't happen nowadays.

But, there, we're wrong.

The great big, blue expanse that we call 'sky' turns pink, and orange, and purple at night when the sun disappears over the horizon and then again when it reappears in the east. We've seen it so many times, that we have forgotten how absolutely incredible it really is.

We live on an earth where we breathe out carbon dioxide and breathe in oxygen; where the plants make their own sugar-food out of our carbon dioxide and then release more oxygen into the air.

We are held down on the earth, and the earth is held in the solar system by a mysterious force we know as 'gravity'.  We take that for granted, but without it, we would be randomly hurtling through the universe, headed who-knows-where.

We have so many stars up in the sky that if Abraham had started counting them the night God gave His blessing, he would still be counting today, even if he counted as fast as he possibly could.

Did you know that it would take 96 years to read your individual DNA description? Even if we kept reading that description at the rate of one character per second without a single stop.

Did you know that your body is made up of 75 trillion separate cells...all of which originally came from two single cells?

Now, numbers like 'millions' and 'trillions' are very difficult to wrap our minds around, so here is something that might help you get an idea of just how big these numbers really are: 

1 million seconds ago was 12 days ago. 
1 billion seconds ago was 1975.
1 trillion seconds ago. . . . . 29,700 B.C.
1 quadrillion seconds ago would be 30, 800, 000 years ago. 

So now think about those 75 trillion cells that make your body. Crazy, isn't it?

Well, it gets even crazier. 

You know that Bible verse, "And he is before all things, and in him all things hold together." (Colossians 1:17)? Well, we are quite literally "held together" by something called laminin. Laminin is the scaffolding that binds tissues in our bodies. It is a "cell-adhesion" molecule, something rather like glue. . . .and it's in the shape of a cross. 
(An actual picture of a real laminin molecule)

But, do you know what's the craziest thing of all?

It's the fact that a Christ-hating, Christian-persecuting killer can become one of the greatest Christian apostles and martyrs of all history. 

A heartless, brutal slave-trader can turn around and write possibly the most beautiful song about Grace ever composed.

Dead men are raised everyday when a lost prodigal gives up the fight and the Father brings him home. 

So, miracles do happen. And they're just as marvelous as the ones during Jesus's life here on earth. 
Real, live miracles are all around us. It's just that we must ask God to open the eyes of our hearts before we can clearly see.

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