Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Better Than a Hallelujah

Beautiful song. And a good reminder that God sometimes loves our broken cries for forgiveness, and our tears of remorse for what we've done wrong, better even than a hallelujah.



  1. Love this song! but just a thought about it.. I somewhat disagree with the theology.. It's not that WE are beautiful or the things that we say are "melodies" it's that God in all His mercy sees us as dirty rags and yet He chooses to still listen to us.
    haha just some controversy from your twinsie.. ;)
    love you <3

    1. Hey Lakey :) Good point!

      I hadn't actually thought about that. I agree with what you're saying. But, I didn't take the song in that way....I might be totally wrong, but here's what I think its saying --- That when we "pour out our miseries", our mess, our tears of shame for our sin --- that even though all of that is dirty and ugly, God in His grace accepts it. That sometimes melodies don't come from us singing, but from us crying for forgiveness, like David often does in the Psalms. That we ARE messes, but when we are *real*, and humble, and when we cry out to Him from the depths of our hearts, that's a beautiful thing.
      I don't know.....Just kind of thinking out loud here :P

      Love you more! <3 <3


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