Thursday, April 4, 2013

Just by existing and creating things --- whether art, or music, or books --- we automatically undo the philosophy of a Creator-less, or Artist-less, world. . .

I thought this quote was really interesting -

"When Jackson Pollock created, he was imitating."

"He wanted his canvases to look like the world, and the world he saw was an accident, an explosion. But the world he saw wasn't actually art. It had no artist, and so he worked very hard to kill himself in relationship to his canvas."

"But he failed. He always failed, because he was, and that gave his art an artist --- his own existence was a refutation of all he tried to preach."

"He could punch holes in the bottoms of cans and swing them from ropes, but he was still the one buying rope, arranging the canvas on the floor and swinging. His art was never as accidental as reality. It was fundamentally false (in his world), because it had a creator --- an advantage the Grand Canyon, Victoria Falls, the white cliffs of Dover, and the planet Jupiter didn't have." 

-N.D. Wilson 

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