Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Standing Strong

George Whitefield and John Wesley.

They were contemporaries. Both Christian men, working alongside one another some of the time. But, often, their views clashed. Big doctrinal differences forged their way between the two. They were once friends, but, as time went on, their separations became clearer and clearer.

People watched their disputes. They knew that those two great men would surely not be able to get along together at all anymore. Such deep differences; such strong opinions. And those two things do not often mix well, not matter how long you stir them.

One day, someone, hoping to rile Whitefield, asked him, "Sir, do you expect you will see John Wesley in Heaven?"

Whitefield looked up. "No," he said.

But then, he went on. "John Wesley will be so close to the Throne of Glory, and I will be so far away, that I will hardly get a glimpse of him." 

If only we all would take that attitude in the midst of any differences with fellow Christians. We are all one. By fighting against a brother or sister, we are fighting against ourselves. And that weakens the whole body. We need to fight against those differences instead of the people. We have to stand strong together so that our differences cannot divide us. The world notices that because it's something that goes against human nature.

Humility keeps the Light shining brightly.


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