Monday, April 15, 2013

Where There Is No Vision

"Where there is no vision, the people perish." 
(Proverbs 29:18)

We are a postmodern culture - 

Our society absolutely assures us that there are no absolutes. Screams are elevated to the same level with Mona Lisas, or Sistine Chapel Ceilings, or Pietas

Nobody's right, nobody's wrong. And what's more, there is no right or wrong. "You have your way. I have my way. As for the right way, the correct way, the only way, it does not exist." (Nietzsche). 

No point in living. No point in dying. Because you only exist in the first place as the result of an accident. You are an accident, I am an accident, this world is an accident. This universe is an awful joke. 

Kill the young. Kill the old. Kill the weak. They get in the way. Life is worth nothing.

There is no big story to life, instead we are all trapped inside our own little worlds, blinded by our own little experiences. And we will never be able to see the truth. 

Our culture tells us glumly that the only way through life is to drift through, float through, tossed by every wind. Progress is nothing but an illusion, and so this world is always under construction. Nothing really ever gets done, but people just keep on running. Like hamsters in a wheel. Always running, working, traveling. But they're going nowhere. 

God tells us that when we have no vision, we will perish (proverbs 29:18). If we are content to meander through life with no point and no purpose, no reason for anything we do, then we are condemning ourselves. People without passion will never survive Satan's attacks.

Even though we, Christians, don't necessarily believe all that junk about there being no right or wrong, we are still often influenced by the postmodernism screaming at us around every corner. Our society encourages us to be passive. Whatever, man. Whatever. There's no point in being determined or strong about anything. There's nothing worth fighting for, because, really, there's nothing worth loving either. If everyone and everything around us is only a freak of nature, if we have no one to answer to for our actions, if when we die, that's the end of everything, then why be principled? Why be faithful to your spouse? Why fight for anything? Who's to say that gay marriage is not right? Who's to say what "right" even is?. . . Passivity will kill us.

. . .Unless we do something. Our culture is starving for passion. In a world where everything is permissible, we have to be the ones to speak up when things are wrong. In a world where loyalty has been left behind, we have to be fiercely faithful. In a world where everything is random and accidental, we have to actively search for the Artist's plan in every moment of our lives. In a world where there are no principles, we have to share the Truth. In a world where God is dead. . . we have to live for our risen Redeemer.

Love boldly. Bold love scares people. It threatens to take them far outside their comfort zone. The greatest love is to lay your life down. 

Fight for the vision of a redeemed world and redeemed sinners. Fight for beauty, truth, and goodness.

You will have to make a choice though --- If you go with the flow and passively accept the world and all its lies, you will be popular, normal, cool. 
Upset the norm, and know that the world will hate you. But it hated Him first, so I wouldn't really take it as an insult. 


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