Thursday, May 2, 2013

Further Up and Further In

(This is an offshoot of something we talked briefly about in Omnibus class today. Thank you, Mr Martin for the inspiration!)

We sometimes tend look at our trials as if there's a set number of them; as if when we reach our designated quota of hardships, we will be able to drop our burdens and sail through the rest of our lives with nothing to worry us. We think that once we reach the top of this mountain, once we have crossed this bridge we've come to. . . once we've payed our debts. . . once we've dealt with this festering temptation. . . that things will be easy. 

But then they're not easy. And we wonder what went wrong. 

If I live my life always looking ahead to the time when life is easy, then before I know it, I will be old and I will have done nothing to better the world, or people, around me. Because life isn't easy. It never will be. Just as I have gotten over one bump in the path, I will trip over the next; just when I have really gotten control of one sin in my life, another one will pop up where I least expected it. Life is wild and hard to catch up to. And if you don't hang on for all you're worth, then you'll miss the ride, entirely.

"Of course..." said the Fawn. "The further up and further in you go, the bigger everything gets."  (C.S. Lewis, The Last Battle). 

The further we go, the more we give, the harder we live --- the bigger everything gets. The hardships we plod through temper us for more hardships. Living in this City of Man, will test you and batter you, and try to defeat you. But, when it gives you its worst --- rejoice. Because the harder it has to try, the stronger you have been resisting. 

Don't wonder what went wrong. Look around you at everything that went right. Beauty is not always soft and easy to deal with. Sometimes beauty hurts. Sometimes, we forget what the word 'awful' really means. We have forgotten how to be full of awe, and instead we are only terrified.

Sometimes we forget to feel the beauty in tears, because we are scared of what grief will do to us.

Come further up! Come further in!

The further up and further in we go, the riskier things become. We have to learn to relish risk.

A life is quickly wasted by always waiting for the next day, next week, or next year. Don't wait for the perfect moment. Live this moment. . . even if it is messy or dangerous. It's your response to those awful moments that really counts.

Head further up and further in!


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