Thursday, November 14, 2013

Getting Our Attention

"Coincidences are God's way of getting our attention." 
-Frederick Buechner

We see only the bits of life that are staring us in the face. We're children in a wondrous museum who don't understand great art, jostling for the closer spot, thinking closeness will give us the best chance. We don't know how to --- and we can't --- stand back and take it all in. The best we can do is to admire one patch at a time, one section. The best we can do is to take one breath at a time, one moment. 

So, when reality smacks the wind out of us, we have no idea where it came from. And when a joke happens, we laugh, or not. Then we forget it. It's an accident. 

Or maybe it's not. Maybe the coincidences are really meant to be. Maybe the hilariously un-planned things, the things that should by logic have never happened at all. . . Maybe those are God's way of snapping in our face, waking us up. They're the Author deciding that the plot has gotten monotonous and He's giving us a pinch to see if we're still paying attention. 

But we don't look at it like that. We see a coincidence, we smile. . . we forget. 

In a truly Christian worldview, however, accidents don't even make it into the equation. "Chance" is an invention of cynical grownup people, who don't want to believe in miracles. So they've come up with something utterly wretched, instead: The idea that wonderful things are accidents, freaks, that they don't matter. 

Isn't it much more delightful to look at life like a book to be read? There's a point to each page, each word, each letter. There's a point to each coincidence. They're here to keep the joy in living. Coincidences are beautiful, just because they are coincidences. Because they're wonderfully unexpected. 


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  1. Allie, every time you write something I'm like BAM.You, my twin are a wonderful writer!


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