Wednesday, July 23, 2014

My Life For Yours - Quotes

THIS is a fantastic little book. Wilson takes us along on a "walk through the Christian home", beautifully explaining how each and every room manifests the Gospel. 

"If a family cannot celebrate with joy and gladness across the board, then somebody should order a pizza."

"The kitchen should not be a place where boys and men are aliens. Any masculinity that washes off in dishwater had to have been pretty superficial to begin with."

"What happens when the jar of your life is jostled? What comes out? If bitterness splashes on to everyone, that simply tells us what the jar was already full of."

"...Something called "food" doesn't mysteriously appear at the grocery store all shrink-wrapped - it grew, lived, and died somewhere. And whenever we give thanks for food, we are thanking God for the gospel."

"If someone reacts to fast food like an orthodox rabbi watching someone fry bacon, then he is a food idolater."

"True spirituality involves ice cream, particularly if you have the kind of fudge sauce my wife makes."

"Displays of rage and temper in a Christian home are the moral equivalent of keeping copies of Penthouse on the coffee table or bringing home shoplifted goods to show the family at dinner."

"We are saved from wrath by wrath....An angry man will only be delivered from anger by seeing how angry God was with it."

"When Adam first saw Eve, he wrote the first poem."

"Men who want to remain faithful must remember that lust is not a sensation; it's a road with an established destination...When lust is planted, the harvest is consistently some sort of sexual grief."

"Man is born to trouble as the sparks fly upward, but it's too easy to be cynical."

"Life is not as simple as the legalists would like it to be."

"Jesus had air in His lungs, food in His stomach, and dirt on His hands."

Thursday, July 3, 2014

The Queen of Iowa // Andrew Peterson

The Queen of Iowa.

This lovely song will have so much more meaning if you listen to Peterson tell its story. I promise it's worth eight minutes of your day. <3

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

At Home in Mitford - Quotes

A few favorite quotes from Jan Karon's first Mitford book. 

"What do you want to talk about?"

"Everything and nothing. What you did today, what I did today, what we'll do tomorrow. About God and how He's working in our lives. About my work, about your work, about life, about love, about what's for dinner, and how the roses are doing... Life is short," she said. 

"He would pray for rain and take her walking in it."

"He loved the sound of any laughter, but hers was a laughter that ignited something in his spirit." 

"He bounded through the hedge and into his yard and saw her standing in his door. She opened the door for him and held it wide as he came up the steps, and for one fleeting moment suspended in time, he sensed that he had come at last to a destination he'd been running toward all his life."