Friday, November 14, 2014

Slow Your Breath Down

Some musings on this Future of Forestry song...

"For you were once a child of
And I see you just the same
Your burdens couldn't win or
Lose a thing
Oh, I'd tell you once
But you're always on
The run." 
( Slow Your Breath Down.)

Running. Rebelling. Forgetting. The child who has been loved more than anything in the world. Why does he run? He has been taught to love God. Why is he afraid of surrendering to Him? He has broken their hearts. Does he even realize? One of the saddest kinds of running away is the kind where he doesn't actually go anywhere at all. But he's so far away. His heart is lost and that's thing they've really been fighting for. 

They've stayed up at night for this child his entire life. Awake for the hungry infant. Awake for the sick toddler. Awake for the frightened child. Now they're more awake than ever before for their lost boy, who's a nearly-grown man. This child, who has been taught all the right things and loved in all the right ways. Cried over, prayed for, kissed, picked up, disciplined, encouraged, sung to, fed, clothed, played with, talked to. Being a God-pleasing parent means you must almost love yourself out with loving so much, and never ever stop. You must find your life by giving it up. 

To the child always on the run: You can come back. They will be there. Waiting, wanting, to come and meet you. Waiting to show you how to trust and love again. Waiting to wrap a new robe around you and to put new shoes on your feet. They'll take you back "a thousand times again" (Future of Forestry). And just like the Father never ever ever gives up on any of His children, they're never ever ever going to give up on you. If only you'll slow down long enough to find out. 

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