Tuesday, September 29, 2015

// engraved //

He empties us of ourselves, drains us dry, wrings us out. 

But He never leaves us like that. 

The emptying is so that He can fill us back up with something more wonderful. 

We are graven on His hands and that does not mean we are sitting there, easily and effortlessly. Instead we are engraved there, imprinted there, because He squeezes us so tightly. This hurts because He loves us enough to hurt us. He loves us enough to make us die...enough to put us into the fire, to melt us down, to reshape us into something better. 

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Loving Well and Living Well

"Slowly the clouds lift. 

What I saw then was tears, a weeping God, suffering over my suffering. I had not realized that if God loves this world, God suffers; I had thoughtlessly supposed that God loves without suffering. I knew that divine love was the key. 

But I had not realized that the love that is the key is suffering love." 

-Nicholas Wolterstorff

Slowly the clouds lift. Sometimes they take a whole life to do that. Sometimes they take years of breathing and hurting and wondering. And we can't ever quite convince ourselves of what we will really see when they are gone. 

There is no way to love well in this life without sometime hurting for it. The more of yourself that you twine into life, the deeper your heart will ache. That is what brokenness in this waiting creation looks like. 

God loves us with the most scandalous and appalling sort of love imaginable. This is what it means for Him to pour out every drop of His wrath on the one Place in all of creation where it was not deserved.  Divine love is a suffering love. And suffering love is, paradoxically, the key to all hope. Hope is born when we know that God lived with us, died for us, weeps with us. Hope is born when we suddenly realize that loving and living well, and suffering for that, will be infinitely worth it.

Friday, September 4, 2015

Born of Wonder

"Philosophy is born of wonder. So is poetry."

Michael O'Brien

Don't separate joy and knowledge. Our hearts were made deep enough for both. 

Gawk at the world as you learn about it. 

Laugh while you philosophize.  

Love every good thing wildly when good things are hardest to find. 

A cynic has a head full of knowledge and an empty heart. A fool has a heart full of joy and an empty head.

Squeeze them both out. Blend them together. A true artist never paints with just one color.