Thursday, October 15, 2015

just because

"When we look over God's handiwork, we notice that not everything in our world has a purely functional or instrumental value. Whatever evolutionists may try to say, there are some things that God made just to look nice, or smell pleasant, or sound delightful." 

Robin Phillips

God is not utilitarian.

Sometimes -- a lot of times -- He makes utterly impractical things, instead, and they are good.

Mystery: sometimes the function of something is not as important as the pure, ridiculous beauty of it.

Sometimes efficiency, and usefulness, and common sense, don't. even. matter.

Show me a baby efficiently learning to walk. Or a first kiss that was absolutely practical. Or let me hear some extremely necessary laughter. . .

It's okay to forget about looking for the functions of things sometimes and to just love them for the silly riddles that they are, instead. Sometimes God likes to laugh and so He pours down some snow just because it looks nice. And maybe because people look funny slushing through it, wasting it. With red noses and ears. He gives us immense words, like, "I love you," and littler ones like, "Good morning."  And he gives us perfect smells like the top of a newborn baby's head, and almost-perfect ones, like gardenia. He makes green leaves that decide to turn gold.

And He gets to keep on coming up with this crazy, beautiful stuff. 

God is never moderate. . . Keep watching for the next joke. (This time, it might be you. Or maybe me). And, I'll admit that a moderate world would actually make much more sense. It would be easier to make it through life, with much less hassle along the way. Functionality would rule and utility would answer every question. Hearts would not break. Days would always follow schedule. Nothing unexpected would ever bewilder us.

But no one would ever cry at music. And there would be no time to sit on logs and just wonder.

The world is absurd, and life is absurd, and so laugh. And live sometimes, purely, only, completely, for the sake of living.

Wait, sit, breathe. Be irrationally happy and be absolutely alive. Life is too short to always be levelheaded, especially when God is so busily shaking things up, and turning them upside down, just because He wants to.

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