Thursday, January 29, 2015

Farther Along

"Farther along, we'll know all about it. Farther along, we'll understand why. So cheer up my brothers. Live in the sunshine. We'll understand this all by and by." - Farther Along

He makes beauty. Out of ugly things, out of messy things, out of me. But I'm human. I'm stubborn. And to get us, stubborn humans, where we need to be He usually has to hunt us down first, because we like to think we can hide from Him. And then usually He'll end up having to drag us, kicking and screaming. Usually we're going to feel betrayed and we're going to doubt and we're going to be wondering where He is.. Usually, we're not going to understand it at all, because being broken hurts. Really really bad. 

But He does NOT leave us there. He didn't leave David there. He didn't leave Job or Paul. He didn't leave His Son. And He's not leaving me. This story cannot ever end with despair, because our God is a God who delights in turning dark things around and backward and upside down. And "many things are made holy by being turned upside down" (Chesterton).  The tomb is empty, the harlot is a bride, the prodigal is forgiven. Paradoxes. Life itself is a paradox, because none of us deserves to be living it.

But we all are.

And if I never ever lived those darkest days, I would never ever realize how much I need the Light. We were told a long time ago, in a garden, that our lives would be full of trouble. It's so easy to know that inside my head; so hard to believe it in my heart. So easy when things are how I want them; so hard when my hopes literally fall apart. But there's a promise with every dying hope, a promise with every crushing burden; a promise that the sun will rise again. Every. Single. Morning. A promise that after it storms things will grow. A promise that even though all this trouble is turning you upside down and inside'll be alright.

So don't worry. "We'll understand this all by and by."